Cad Standards for AEC - S-MAN Mechanical US-Imp

Download Product: S-MAN Cad Standards for AEC Objects
Industry Version: AEC-Mechanical Works documented in US-Imp units

File Formats: Autocad dwg, dws, dwt, ctb, stb, Ascii Text, Adobe pdf

Files - S-Man Standard Object Code, Plotstyles, Colors, Linetypes, Layering, Naming Conventions (6)
StanCode.pdf, StanLaye.pdf
StanPlst.pdf, StanLine.pdf
StanColo.pdf, StanName.pdf

Files - S-Man Standard Template Drawings (6)
Sman-Me-Colo.dwg, Sman-Me-Name.dwg
Sman-Me-Colo.dws, Sman-Me-Name.dws
Sman-Me-Colo.dwt, Sman-Me-Name.dwt

Files - Linetype Standards and Source Files (3)
Sman_Aec.lin, AEC-Laye.dat, SmanLaye.dat

Files - S-Man Standard Plotstyle Tables (11)
Stan-Me-Call.ctb, Stan-Me-Call.stb
Stan-Me-Col1.ctb, Stan-Me-Col1.stb
Stan-Me-Col2.ctb, Stan-Me-Col2.stb
Stan-Me-Mon1.ctb, Stan-Me-Mon1.stb
Stan-Me-Mon2.ctb, Stan-Me-Mon2.stb

Files - S-Man Attributed Title Blocks (19)
Stan-A.dwg, Stan-A4.dwg
Stan-B.dwg, Stan-A3.dwg
Stan-C-dwg, Stan-A2.dwg
Stan-D-dwg, Stan-A1.dwg
Stan-E.dwg, Stan-A0.dwg
Deca-I.dwg, Deca-MM.dwg
Cove-E.dwg, Cove2436.dwg
Arch2436.dwg, Stan2436.dwg

S-Man Standard Symbol/Detail Catalog (Concrete, Metal, Wood, Finishing, Mechanical, Electrical, Communications, Miscellaneous)
Block Manual Template.pdf

System Requirements

Rrequires Excel 2000 or later and Windows XP/2000/2003 or later.


Cad Standards for AEC - S-MAN Mechanical US-Imp
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