Exl-Plan: Sales, Cost, Inventory & Overhead Assumptions

The range of sales, cost, inventory and overhead expenses assumptions handled by Exl-Plan Micro include:

Click to display full sizeThe more powerful Lite version accommodates two main sales groups with separate material cost percentages, inventory targets and manpower projections as well as a more extensive range of overhead expenses. Click thumb opposite to see portion of the monthly sales assumptions report showing data entry areas for two main sales groups.

The Pro version handles four main sales groups and offers facilitates for forecasting either sales volumes & prices or sales values for each group. It also accommodates finished goods inventory for each group and includes a more extended range of direct cost and overhead expense variables. Credit terms (up to four months) can be specified for each variable.

Click to display full sizeThe Super and Ultra versions handle six main sales groups (click thumb opposite to see part of report showing direct labor headcount assumptions for six groups) and the Super Plus and Ultra Plus versions handle ten groups.

Note: For each main sales group, a user can enter sales projections for individual items within the group as well as material cost percentages, input/output tax rates, inventory levels, receivable/payable (debtor/creditor) terms specific to each group.