Credit Assumptions & Input/Output Taxes

The range of credit assumptions and input/output tax - Sales Taxes, Value Added Tax (VAT) and Goods & Services Tax (GST) - facilities handled by Exl-Plan Micro include:

Lite allows different credit terms and VAT rates to be applied to its two main sales groups and related purchases. Pro accommodates different terms and rates for four main sales groups & purchases and has facilities for deferring cash payments relating to many categories of monthly overheads, capital expenditure, dividends, grants etc. The Super and Ultra versions handle credit for six main sales groups and their purchases (click thumb opposite to see how Exl-Plan handles projected credit terms for receivables and payables). Super Plus and Ultra Plus handle credit for ten main sales groups.

The Ultra and Ultra Plus versions have a facility to allow a user to fine tune (or over ride) its calculated cashflows for receivables and payables (debtors and creditors) on a monthly basis for the initial three years.