Excel Financial templates

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You can find here prepared and proven Excel templates for quick development of business forecasts, EOQ, investment analysis (NPV, IRR, ROI, EVA, ROR, EBIT, ROIC, and more), company & acquisition valuations, cash flow forecasting/budgeting, real estate investment calculations, CD & bond price and yield tables, conversion of financial accounts to ratios, insolvency predictions, capital investment appraisal, capital investment optimization, lease/purchase analysis plus extra Excel functions.

Our professional Excel Financial templates are ideally suitable for analyzing business & investment opportunities, controlling cash flows, establishing budgets, valuing business opportunities, improving your Excel skills with 7 Learning courses, adding 9 Excel Add-Ins to improve working with advanced Formulas, Texts and Numbers.

Excel financial templates

The Complete Gold Collection supplies all application files shown above plus the following business software is included.

E-Mail Address Organiser PRO - Infinitely flexible fast addresses organiser for any e-mail message to hundreds of contacts. Personal greeting each message {first name} and/or {last name}. Plus PayPal transactions organiser (better than PayPal). 3,000 address capacity, up to 10 e-mail address configurations using your current email addresses.

Loan Amortization Manager. Infinitely flexible multi user Loan Amortization Manager. Creates and saves up to 1000 separate loan amortization schedules (monthly, weekly, bi-monthly), can edit any payment (or non payment) row within any amortization schedule, add expenses, change interest rates etc and recalculate.

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Most popular individual Excel financial collections included in this bundle are listed below:

Complete Cash Flow Controls & Forecasting Excel Collection

Consolidated Budgeting

FastPlan Five Year Forecasting Plan

Investment Analysis Calc NPV-IRR Collection

Financial Ratios Analysis

QuickValue PRO

Fixed Asset Register & Accounting

Standard Costing Spreadsheets

Budgeting Spreadsheets for Excel

Excel Add-Ins Collection

Excel Add-ins & Training Bible Complete Collection

Excel Templates For FASTPLAN PRO Version 9.0

Five Excel Add-Ins For Business

Funding Plan PRO 10 edition Year Plan for Excel

Google Spreadsheets Excel Templates Collection



Inventory Manager PRO For Excel

Lease/Loan Organizer for Excel

Quick 3 Year Plan

Quick Five Year Financial Plans Plus Ratios

Savings & Investment Planner

Universal Pricing Calculations for Excel


System Requirements

Requires: Excel 97 or later. Web data requires Excel 2000 or later and Windows XP/2000/2003 or later.


Excel Templates - Financial Excel Collection for 2017 contains all our Excel templates listed in the table above: financial analysis Excel templates, business valuation, financial accounting, business planning, cash flow, lease/purchase, real estate & loan management, budgeting, business financial plan workbooks, templates and guides, 30 separate add-ins and templates for Excel.

If you have Excel 2007 or later and want to promote your business, you can purchase the spreadsheets with over 10 million sales contacts and addresses sorted in to 51 States.

You will be able to download the product immediately after ordering! Additionally, you can receive the CD.

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Excel Templates - Complete Excel Templates
Financial Excel Collection 2017
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