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Safe Currency Calculator

Usually, you need to calculate your money in your bank accounts. For example, you may have bank accounts in dollars, euro and so on. You need to know how much money you have in all bank accounts. You can use MS Excel for this purpose, but the attackers can restore your Excel password and know your financial information. Their next step can be to attack you if you have significant amounts of money. In this case you may use our product FES Defense.

How to begin: install FES Defense. Run the program and enter input password equal '1'. Also, change it as fast as possible.

To activate your currency calculator, please choose 'currency template' in Start windows menu for FES Defense. Then copy all information in window to clipboard. Then click on FES Defense, click on 'More" and "New" buttons. You will see the following window:

Click on edit box and paste your data from clipboard.

Please do not erase '##' and '#' symbols. They are designed to convert your text file to currency spreadsheet. If you click on 'Calc' button, then you will receive the following:

In this case you have $50000 in Bank1 and $130 000 in Bank2. You have $180 000 in total.

Then you can save your currency spreadsheet. You can click on 'Save as" button. The following window will be opened:

Please click on 'Encode by individual key before saving' and enter your until 256 byte long individual key. Please do not save your key. In this case nobody can restore it.

Now, you can open this file only using your individual key (password). To open the file, please click on "More' and 'Open' buttons and choose your file. Then enter your individual key (password).


Here you can add your events. You can add also periodical alarms which fire after some days period.

File Encoding

You can easily encode your file with 256 byte password. If you do not save this password, nobody can restore it. For example, you can encode your important financial spreadsheets.

Safe Web Browser

As is known, all browsers can be attacked by hacker's software. Our internal browser is based on your default web browser. But our method is to erase all active content of any page before its viewing. Now you can browse best dangerous sites without any risk for you. Please note that you must enter exact page address of every page. Please do not enter the address of like type as In this case exact page address is not defined.

POP3 client

How is known, if you use usual e-mail client then all your e-mails are downloading into your computer. Some e-mails can be infected by hackers. In this case many internet worms can live in your computer for years. You may use antivirus software, but not all worms can be detected as many modern worms can bypass your antivirus software. If you have important financial information in your computer, hackers can kidnap it. Our POP3 client allows you to see all e-mail headers on your POP3 server and delete some of them without downloading. Furthermore, there is an ability to view up to 1000 rows of your message. If you have several accounts, then you can copy selected messages from one your account to another one. Also, there is anti-spam tool and much more. And the price for all these useful protection functions temporarily is just $19.95!


If you want to protect only the spreadsheets, you can use also this product. This is Excel add-in. If you, for example, need to encode your currency calculator, you can download Excel template of the following view.

This template is designed to calculate two bank accounts. If you have more bank accounts, you can add new rows and copy last row, and change it for your next bank. This template calculates the totals automatically. You can save it using long password. But the hackers can restore Excel password and know all your financial mysteries. So, you can encode your spreadsheet by the following way. You run AntipasswordRecovery2 add-in and choose 'Encode and Save' menu item. Then you enter number of rows and columns to encode and enter your 256-symbol password. Then you can erase all your bank information. You will receive:

Nobody can see your bank information if anyone open your spreadsheet. When you want to see/change bank information, you open AntipasswordRecovery2 Excel add-in and choose 'Load and Decode' item, and enter your 256-byte password. And you again will see your bank information like before.

VBA Defencer

To protect your Excel VBA code, this product allows you to encode your VBA modules. And they become not readable.

System Requirements

All programs require Windows. Antipasswordrecovery2 and VBA Defencer also requires Excel 2000 or above.



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