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User Solutions, Inc. was founded in 1991 to fulfill the genuine need for lower cost, easy to learn and use software solutions for the manufacturing and operations management markets. The core management group transitioned from Lotus Development Corporation where they had managed the Lotus Manufacturing Marketing vertical segment.

While the senior management team was at Lotus, they discovered an opportunity for marketing spreadsheet "add-on" solutions (also called "templates") for manufacturing; a pre-built spreadsheet application that had powerful analysis routines and instant reports already setup for decision support. While most manufacturing managers were already using the spreadsheet to communicate basic manufacturing information, they did not have the time or skills to develop the
models that were necessary to make key decisions about planning and scheduling.

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Excel Scheduler   $39  bbuy.gif (1202 bytes)

Scheduling in Excel

Workcell Planner   $79  bbuy.gif (1202 bytes)

The objective of WorkCell Planner is to provide the master scheduler or planning function with a tool for determining the overall level of capacity and distribution of capacity required to meet demand. This demand can be driven by a forecasted incoming rate or consuming a backlog within a specified time frame for a particular cell - as well as for overall plant level.

Noah Workcenter Scheduling  $490  bbuy.gif (1202 bytes)

Noah is a high performance planning and scheduling offering for Job Shops, Fabricators, Service/Repair Shops, and others where customer service and shipping on time is vital. Noah will enhance the effectiveness, efficiency and consistency of your Workcenter based planning and scheduling, including cycle time reduction. Noah features an easy-to-use method to enter resource definitions, then to build/define jobs that follow a linear sequence of operations. Next, Noah allows you to perform 'what-ifs' with different plans -- resulting in feasible and effective schedules.

Spreadsheet QC  $149  bbuy.gif (1202 bytes)

Spreadsheet QC is a collection of templates for use with Excel, Lotus & Quattro Pro. It is ideally suited for small operations which are just beginning to implement quality improvement programs, as well as for large operations, to complement existing Total Quality Management systems, for flexible, ad-hoc reporting and individual training. By automating the main techniques in a familiar spreadsheet format, Spreadsheet QC makes statistical process and quality control more accessible

Operations Manager  $129  bbuy.gif (1202 bytes)

Operations Manager contains 35 templates for manufacturing and operations decision support. All templates have a simple, consistent interface and include an actual application. Runs with Excel, Lotus & Quattro Pro. Benefits include: adjust for seasonality and predict trends, optimize economic order quantity, determine best inventory (includes reorder points & safety stocks) and workforce levels, improve production throughput and enhance customer service. Includes spreadsheets: