Excel Financial Functions

Our Excel templates provide easy access to many Excel financial functions. You can quickly find the function you need using thr following menu:

You can see 7 groups of functions. If you double click on, for example, 'Investment Interest' item, you will see the following items:

investment rate functions in Excel

invest interest functions in Excel

The items are: Investment interest rate functions and Investment interest income functions. If you click on, for example, NPV item, you will see the following window:

NPV IRR functions in Excel

To calculate NPV and IRR, you need to enter your data in C column (cash flow values), D1 cell (initial rate of interest for IRR calculation) and E1 cell (rate of interest for NPV calculation). Then click on 'Calculate' button.

If you want to calculate NPV and IRR using Date column (not periodic), then you can click on XNPV or XIRR item.

Annuities Functions

Annutities functions are used to calculate a payment, income, interest rate or number of periods. Annuities payment functions please see below:

annuities payment functions

Annuities Income, Interest Rates, and number of periods Functions

Securities, amortization and other Financial Excel Functions

Securities, amortization Excel functions

Statistical Excel Functions (Correlation, Regression, and more)

Statistical Excel Functions

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