Business Valuation in Excel

Business Valuation based on NPV(NET Present Value)&IRR(Internal Rate of Return)

Source data:

business valuation source 5 years

You have not to click on 'Calc and Diagnostics' button. But if you have some problems you can check your source data. In this case you can try to click on this button. When you have entered your source data( IRR guess, balloon (optinally), capital, loan amount, interest rate, amortization period and so on), you automatically receive the following resulting information:

You can see calculation of cash flows for every year on the picture above ('sales' sheet). Also, you can see some financial indicators on the "Result" sheet (please see the picture below).

business valuation indicators 5 years

Additionally, you can see your loan schedule (shown only for 5 months):

business valuation loan schedule 5 years

If you'd like to receive the resulting data for 4 years, please see the output below.

Business Forecast for 4 years

Business Forecast Indicators

business loan schedule for 4 years

If you'd like to receive the resulting data for 3 years, please see the output below.

Cashflow Forecasting for 3 years

NPV, IRR indicators for 3 years

Loan amortization schedule for 3 years

This products contains the same business valuation templates for 10 years. If you wish to create your project for other number of years, please note that this product contains template generator allowing you to generate the same Excel templates for the number of years you wish (up to 100!). Template generator example sheet:

<>npv generator Excel

Another method of business valuation is based on term of EVA (Economic Value Added).

Business Valuation based on EVA&NPV

This product contains the templates for EVA&NPV business valuation for periods of 5, 10 and 15 years.

business valuation NPV EVA Excel

NPV method:business_valuation_npv

EVA method:Business Valuation EVA in Excel

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