The chart above is used when ordering labels that require a machine to place them onto the product. The reason for this is because every machine is set up differently and every product is in a different position when labeled. If an auto apply machine is being used, it is critical that the label be placed on that product in the right orientation for the consumer to read.

There are many different numbers used designating different directions from many label companies. We utilize the chart above so please use this chart when choosing for your custom label run. First, ask if your label has a short draw or a long draw. This is the dimension the label will come off of the roll. Wide or thin is another way of thinking of this. Once you know that requirement, does your label have art work? If it does, please select the orientation between vertical and horizontal.  Next we determine if the label has text otherwise known as copy. Step 3 above helps in selecting the copy direction. Last is what size core does the label require?

Usually on an auto apply machine the core size is a 3 inch core. But if these are running in a small desktop printer, they may be on a 1″ core.

Bookmark this page as it will be very helpful in ordering labels that are custom and require an auto apply or printing after they are produced.


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