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Millennium All Programs Gold Edition 

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All Programs supplies: 

Millennium QuickValue PRO   
Investment-Calc PRO for NPV & IRR calculations.
Cash Flow templates
10 Year financial plan templates (balance sheets, income, cash flows and ratios_ Financial ratios for 2 and 5 periods.
Loans Amortization Manager
CheckMy Loans 2000
Budget Templates
Costing templates
Valuation templates
Buy To Rent NPV & IRR templates
Asset Register PRO templates

and more...

OS : Windows 98 or later. or Mac OS ( 3 programs require Windows) and Excel 97 or above

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easyStockPortfolio is a account manager for your financial and investment transaction.

Log your stock, mutual funds, commodities etc. positions and transaction with this tool.

Log your banking transaction and more.

General functions:
- Fully automatic setup
- Create portfolios automatic
- Handle up to +32000 accounts (customers) !

Portfolio functions:
- Multi user account management
- Data fields; Ticker, quanity of shares, type of trade (long or short)
- Open position date, price, commission, total open cost
- Automatic position cost calculation
- Close position date, price, commission, total close amount
- Trade remarks

Cash account functions:
- Multi user account management
- Data fields:
Transaction date
Transaction amount
Transaction remarks

All settings and savings are done fully automaticly
and data entries of users are error checked

easyStockPortfolio comes in a bundle of other software:

- easyStockDater a free stock quote downloader
- easyStockEditor a stock data editor
- easyStockConverter - stock data convertor
- easyStockInfo - indeepth information about companies and funds
- easyStockQuickChart a stock charting browsing tool
- easyStockMarketViewer a stock market analyzer, sorting and ranking tool
- easyStockTickerGenerator, automaticly generate thousends of stock ticker's
- easyStockMailer a SMTP email client
- easyStockCleaner, get ride of disk filling files and folders automaticly
- easyStockLogger, login in to your online accounts (email, bank, etc.) fully automaticly
+ lots more.

Platform : Windows 98 or later.

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AutoAnalyser is a very unique trading software

Auto Analyzer offers real value to traders and investors

Below are some but not all functions listed:

- Scan and generate trading signals for single and bulk ticker lists
- Enhanced filter system to leave or select only wanted stock's, indexes, funds, ETF's etc.
- Easy handling for users, quick menu access
- Load and analyze +100 years of data
- Many indicators such as

Channel analysis
According Hurst
Typical channel analysis (SC)
Volatility channel (VC)
Weighted channel (WC)
Fast fourier transform channel (FFTC)
Optimal tracking filter channel (OTFC)
Keltner channel (KC)

Relative strengh index (RSI)
Special smoothed relative strengh index (SRSI)
Adaptive moving average (MAMA)
Simple moving average (SMA)
Weighted moving average (WMA)
Exponatial moving average (EMA)
Known sure thing (KST)
Standart devition
Pattern dedections
Commodity channel index (CCI)
Oscilator by momentum (OBM)
Gap binary index (GBI)
Volume accumulation index (VAI)
Volume sentiment (VS)
Ease of movment (EOM)
On balanced volume (OBM)
Force index (FI)
Price volume trend (PVT)
Value chart (VC)
Relative vigor index (RVI)
Chankin volatility (CV)
Wilders volatility index (WVI)
Notis % volume (NPV)
Williams accumulation distribution (WAD)
Moving average convergence divergence (MACD)
Williams R% (WR%)
Chande momentum (CM)
Rate of change (ROC)
Money flow index (MFI)
Volume price trend (VPT)
Coppock (C)

- Standart deviation calculation for next trading range
- Lower trading range statistics, for bottom fishing
- Angle of directions mesurament, for visualizing which degree of climb or descent the chart has
- Gann - Rule of eights, automatic detections and painting
- RAVI - Trend intensity mesurament
- Seasonal pattern painting, static up and down periodes per year
- Gap variable index, detection gaps and their strengh
- Price x volume list creator, to detect high or low volume tickers
- Mark data periode, to mark automaticly certain dates on the charts
- Remeeting index, to detect high or low slippage tickers. Produces results files for further analysis in spreadsheets programs like Microsoft Excel etc.

- Crosshair on off
- Display Y data on off (price and volume scale)
- Right edge free space manipulation for future explorations
- Top and lower edge free space manipulation
- Grid lines on off

- Price data display in Chandle stick
- Price data display in OHLC
- Price data display in Simple line

- Static trading systems on above mentioned indicators
All ready to click and go, no programing etc neccessary

- All parameters can be user manipulated as much as possible
- Save user settings into profile files and reload them when needed

And much much more

easyStockDater comes in a kit of other software:
- easyStockConvertor a stock data converter from ASCII to MetaStock
..(third party software needed) etc.
- easyStockEditor a stock data editor
- easyStockQuickChart a stock charting browsing tool
- easyStockMarketViewer a stock market analyzer, sorting and ranking tool
- easyStockTickerGenerator, automaticly generate thousends of stock ticker's
- easyStockMailer a SMTP email client
- easyStockCleaner, get ride of disk filling files and folders automaticly
- easyStockLogger, login to your web email accounts etc. with one click
+ lots more.

Platform : Windows 98 or later.

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Trade Studio  $70.00

Trade Studio gives you ability to use over 100 technical indicators, ability to write your own indicators, compose your own trading systems, and test them on historical data.

Trade Studio is your day to day instrument for making careful stock market research, logging your trading activity and calculating precise trade signals based on trading systems.

Windows 98 or later.

Real Estate Investment Analysis and Development Software suite


The suite includes 3 products for financially analyzing income property, and 2 products for all types of real estate, including amortization (loan) and appreciation software. It has investing applications for income property, commercial real estate, real estate development, and residential (amortization and appreciation) applications.

OS : Windows 98 or later. & Excel 2000 or above

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Real Estate Investor Manager


Designed to expedite the management of Real Estate Investment Partnerships.   Investor Manager was developed in cooperation with real estate professionals by computer systems professionals who have created real estate systems for over 20 years.

OS : Windows Windows 98 or later.

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Investment Analysis Software    $58.00

Easily analyze the performance of any investment to maximize returns. Compare and forecast investment performance, determine net worth and income streams, identify buy / sell indicators, make informed investment and retirement planning decisions.

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Business plan & Investment Analysis

This is a comprehensive tool for evaluation of financial performances in business or investment plans. The program enables you to set and test various or all aspects of the project and see their influences on the end result. It is possible to export your work to: Ms Word, Ms Excel and HTML.

StockExplorer    $29.95

StockExplorer is an explorer like tool for online investors and day traders to perform research on stocks & commodities on the Internet. StockExplorer automates many common web research portals and allows users to research multiple stocks on multiple web sites simultaneously. StockExplorer has a powerhouse collection of active stock research links and many other powerful features that will save you hours while researching your stocks online.Build multiple portfolios that automatically become linked to hundreds of quality research sites for after-hours data, charting, message boards, price history, performance history, profiles, news, financials, insider info, and lots more. With portfolios linked to the research, you will quickly navigate to the relevant data for your stocks. It's highly customizable and easy to learn. With QuickLinks , your only a click away from the research you need. You can also create custom links that simultaneously browse to any number of financial sites you choose, all within the same window and all containing the current data for the stock symbol you've selected in your portfolio. If you are a online investor or day trader to perform research on stocks & commodities on the Internet, then empower yourself with StockExplorer designed for it !


Financial Advisor  $27.00 

A comprehensive set of financial tools aimed at the Personal User including: Mortage calculations and analysis, Retirement Planning, Investment and Savings calculations, Annuity calculations, Future Value and Residual Value calculations, Home Budgeting, Education Cost Planning, Effective and Nominal Interest Rate Conversions, Inflation calculations, generate Lottery Tickets and more. Calculate the required results and display or print them.

OS: Windows 98 or later.

Retirement Investment Req'd - Windows 95 or higher  buy.gif (540 bytes)
Retirement Investment Required - for Windows 3.1 buy.gif (540 bytes)

Have you completed an annual budget for your years of retirement yet? Have you called the Social Security Hotline (1-800-772-1213) to obtain your estimated monthly SS benefit so that you can
evaluate the monthly shortfall you may experience? This program calculates the amount of money required to provide a given monthly income at retirement with or without withdrawing capital,
which, when added to your Social Security monthly benefit, will show your condition. You can then calculate the additional monthly deposits you need to make to retire with financial security.

Flip PDF Professional

Flip PDF Professional is page-flipping builder software to help you convert ordinary inactive PDF files into wonderful eBooks!

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