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Home Organizer Deluxe


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Home Organizer Deluxe is a Windows software that allows Home PC users to organize and manage all home related data. For the database novice, Home Organizer's intuitive interface and ready-to-use templates make it easy to set up and use.

OS: Windows 95/98/Me/XP/2000/2003/NT

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QuickCard    30.00

QuickCard 2000 is the quickest and easiest way to create your personal name cards, greeting cards, invitations, labels and any other single-page artworks with texts and graphics. It's simple and intuitive user interface will help you to compose and print good-looking name cards within a few minutes. You can control paper-size, card-size, number of cards and position to print, all of these as you wish. And it has many templates (22 included in the package and more that's downloadable from our web site) that you can use for immediate card, what you have to do is just clicking and filling-in you name and address.

Grocery Heaven   15.00

Grocery shopping has long been a chore and it's because making the list, sticking to the list, and finding the items in the list has been a tedious and boring
task. Now with this program, you'll never forget to buy an item and never go back and forth the aisles because it'll let you know when to buy what, and it will
sort each item by category or aisle, and generate a list by date that is accurate and highly portable. Just look at some of its features.
The more you use the program the more it 'learns' and it's only a matter of time when the program will be accurately predicting which items you are
running short of and create a shopping list for you.

Highlited Features:
o Ability to customize your shopping list database (add, delete upto 1200 product items dynamically to already provided list of products of over 600)!!
o TreeView allows you to see products grouped according to their aisles or category and show or hide the items at your command!
o By taking into account the depletion rate, the program recommends (buy/don't buy) what you should buy today.
o You can customize the depletion rate for each product independently.
o You can customize the provided list to your own shopping list at any time sorted by aisles or category!
o You can add/move items to a custom category for more customization.
o Never forget to buy an item and never go back and forth the aisles...all items in your shopping list are automatically grouped and sorted!
o The shopping list is exportable in HTML format and is tightly integrated with your browser.
o The HTML format allows you to easily publish the list (so your partner can view it before getting home from work!), even email the list*, or
if you have a handheld device, upload it to your device and take the polished list with you.
o WYSIWYG printing...print just as you'd see it in a browser!
o Attractive and easy interface with high resolution images for all categories.
o You can further customize today's shopping list by choosing which items you're planning to buy today.
o Easy to learn, fun to use and immensely powerful...your grocery shopping will never be the same.
o Backs up your previous product database on the fly.
o Tight C/C++ code, great documentation...Enough said. Try it yourself.

glShopper    9.95

glShopper is a software tool designed to aid consumers in their week to week shopping chores. Using glShopper you can save multiple lists of routinely purchased items in searchable database files. glShopper's non-restrictive data entry functions allow you to rapidly construct a list of store items and gather pricing information. After constructing a list, simply use the glShopper printing facilities to produce a hardcopy. Take the hard copy to the store and never forget another item or be left wondering how much all this stuff will cost.

babyLIBRARY    5.99

This incredible, easy and handful baby, really rocks. You can create and edit your books. Also check your books for category. Exchange data with other Palms with the amazing Beam button. Collect the books that you borrow and let you install an alarm as a reminder. So, you won't get any other application like this one.

CollegeBAR Registration Only

CollegeBAR Registration and CDROM

Mixed drink program that contains over 7000 drinks with more being added every day. Can automatically add hundreds of new drinks using online update feature. CollegeBAR was created to create a user interface that is easy to use and is customizable to the exact user needs. CollegeBAR has the ability to change the background, text, and titles. Your own pictures can be added which display in sequence. New! Can compute your blood alcohol level. New! Search feature is now 3 times faster than before.

Pratyush e-Card

Pratyush e-Card is a fully configurable greeting card written in pure java. The users can customize this card using a very easy to use graphical form which generates the required HTML tag. The card can be customized with the images of users(automatically resized in applet), custom colors, fonts, styles, text message, moving text messages. The user also has full control over other features such as parameters controling fading effect of pictures, movement of text messages etc. The graphical form masks the underlying intricate HTML tag from the user. For viewing the receipient needs just a browser ( Java enabled) . Pratyush e-Card being a pure Java code is very safe as it requires no installation to be done and does not invlolve any exe or dll files at the users end or the receipient end.The card can be customized to almost any occasion by users and the default values are given at most places to minimize user's effort in customizing. The card is also suplied with a freeware RGB generator which can be used for working out the RGB equivalent for the colors used in applet.

CardFile Pegasus

Smart and Easy data-handling. All the database youll ever need for your general purposes. Keep you passwords, CD keys, addresses, telephones numbers and any other data you treasure under lock and key

RLT Personal Inventory

Personal Inventory is powerful and very useful program for those who frequently forgets where his inventory, and inventory which has taken from other people. Now with the help of Personal Inventory you'll never forget to whom you gave your disks with music, games and many other things. You will not ask to yourselves questions from where this or that thing has appeared. You'll have a total control over all your inventory, just add them in one fill information in it. After that you will always know where your inventory items are. So how it works? You create a database of your inventory and then when you want to give an item to someone, you select it and press "Give item" button. You enter not only to whom you give item, but also when it should be returned. Personal Inventory will remind you about items that should be returned. The same you can do for inventory that you took from other persons. It's a program that you must have if you want to manage information about your inventory.

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