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Microsoft SQL/Analysis Services - o2olap for Excel

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Microsoft Analysis Services (OLAP) and SQL Server are outstanding products but lack some key capabilities for finance and analyst users such as spreadsheet modelling, freeform reports and writeback. O2OLAP for Excel overcomes these limitations, allowing users to take advantage of the inherent architectural and commodity cost benefits of Microsoft technologies. New market leading functionality enables users to create executive information systems (EIS) without having to write or support a macro.

Microsoft Office 2000/XP/2003

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Milennium All Programs Gold Edition

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All Programs supplies: 
Investment-Calc PRO for NPV & IRR calculations.
Cash Flow templates
10 Year financial plan templates (balance sheets, income, cash flows and ratios_ Financial ratios for 2 and 5 periods.
Loans Amortization Manager
CheckMy Loans 2000
Budget Templates
Costing templates
Valuation templates
Buy To Rent NPV & IRR templates
Asset Register PRO templates

and more...

OS : Windows XP/Me/98/95/NT/2000/2003 or Mac OS ( 3 programs require Windows) and Excel 97 or above

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Millennium Investment-Calc PRO For Cash Flow Analysis  

Free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Investment-Calc PRO 2002 for cash flow analysis provides 18 ready to use Excel worksheets for quick calculation of after tax discounted cash flow, net present values, internal rate of return (IRR), and return on investment (ROI).
Provides monthly and yearly cash flow discount factors using prepared tables and easy to use financial models.
Includes project and company valuation using DCF, economic value added calculations, profit/loss, EBIT and free cash flows.

Millenium Bank Presentation Solution/FastPlan 7.0      

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FastPlan Version 7.0 for Excel.

Monthly budgeting - balance sheets - income statement forecasts - cash flows - bank covenant ratio calculations.

"I have a small start-up technology related business ($500K--$2MM in
revenues), and just got yelled at by my banker for our lousy looking 3-yr
income statement forecast, with non-matching balance sheet and no cash
flow statement! Which of your products should I purchase? Is this right for me? Regards John.

YES! Our new version of FastPlan provides month by month budget spreadsheets that will produce your income statement forecasts, balance sheet forecasts, cash flows, bank covenant balances and the key financial ratios. Specially tailored Excel spreadsheets provide quick neat presentations for your bank or lender. Al figures match and balance automatically.

No previous accounting knowledge required.

FastPlan 7.0 provides:

Monthly p/l budgets - 3 years

Share issue 3 year plan

Fixed asset capital 3 year plan

Generates monthly income statement forecasts - 3 years

Generates monthly balance sheet forecasts - 3 years

Generates monthly cash flow forecasts - 3 years

Generates monthly bank/loan covenant balance forecasts - 3 years

Generates monthly financial and financial ratios - 3 years

Generates bank covenant monthly forecasts

A demo program that shows you how to prepare your plan.

WPS Office 2016 Business

WPS Office 2016 Business edition includes word processor Writer, spreadsheet tool and a presentation manager Presentation.



easyStockPortfolio is a account manager for your financial and investment transaction.

Log your stock, mutual funds, commodities etc. positions and transaction with this tool.

Log your banking transaction and more.

General functions:
- Fully automatic setup
- Create portfolios automatic
- Handle up to +32000 accounts (customers) !

Portfolio functions:
- Multi user account management
- Data fields; Ticker, quanity of shares, type of trade (long or short)
- Open position date, price, commission, total open cost
- Automatic position cost calculation
- Close position date, price, commission, total close amount
- Trade remarks

Cash account functions:
- Multi user account management
- Data fields:
Transaction date
Transaction amount
Transaction remarks

All settings and savings are done fully automaticly
and data entries of users are error checked

easyStockPortfolio comes in a bundle of other software:

- easyStockDater a free stock quote downloader
- easyStockEditor a stock data editor
- easyStockConverter - stock data convertor
- easyStockInfo - indeepth information about companies and funds
- easyStockQuickChart a stock charting browsing tool
- easyStockMarketViewer a stock market analyzer, sorting and ranking tool
- easyStockTickerGenerator, automaticly generate thousends of stock ticker's
- easyStockMailer a SMTP email client
- easyStockCleaner, get ride of disk filling files and folders automaticly
- easyStockLogger, login in to your online accounts (email, bank, etc.) fully automaticly
+ lots more.

Platform : WINDOWS XP / W2K / WIN 95 / WIN98 / ME /

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Sunbyte eFlower v2.0 (Sunbyte)

Internet Florist Ecommerce. Ecspecially for your florist business. Paypal Enabled. Including backstore, payment management, order tracking, invoice and delivery order rich text printing. Free full installation support, initial setup and customization.

Creator Studio 2.0 Standard Edition (CompXpress)

Creator Studio is creative thinking software for business that enhances creative thinking productivity on demand. Creator Studio helps you and your team create new ideas for new products and services, new business solutions and innovations.

Art-Copy Scripting Edition


Best Scanning Software for Your Business

Free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Art-Copy Scripting Edition will allow you to create your own custom scanning scripts. Imagine the time you can save by creating your own script for each type of scanning job you perform. Create a script that does nothing but copy documents, and sends them to a printer. Create a script that scans images directly to an FTP site. At the same time create a script that scans to an email, or even scans to a file. Art-Copy Scripting Edition even has support for sending an existing file to applications, sending to printers with adjusted output sizes, and even to web sites using the built in FTP support.

Platform : Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

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Network Inventory Master

Network Inventory Master is an advanced, powerful, and feature rich asset management and asset tracking system for your desktop and networked PCs, at an extremely low and cost effective price. With Cost of Ownership so important today Network Inventory Master will provide your organization with comprehensive and detailed reporting about all of the hardware and software on all of the p.c.'s on your network. With Network Inventory Master you can export this valuable information into CSV and HTML files. The powerful search function helps you to create your own reports about collected data.

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OS : Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP 16MB RAM

Millennium Costing Templates


Costing Templates for Excel provides new costing templates for product costing including the abc system and overhead allocation formula.

OS : Windows 2000/2003, 95, 98, ME, or XP & MS Office or Excel 97 or above

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Targeted at retail and wholesale distribution companies, HighControl is a full life cycle Stock Control, Sales Order Processing and Business Management system, designed to be simple to use yet offering powerful enterprise resource and stock management tools and is aimed at Mail Order and Internet Sales Business models.

Do you need a scaleable Enterprise wide stock control system? Or a Single User stock control system?

HighControl PRO for small business users can be upgraded to HighControl Enterprise Edition for larger organisations, which can be customised to meet the stock control demands of different businesses and offers an upgrade path as an enterprise expands.

If current needs only require a single PC to coordinate the sale and control of stock, then HighControl PRO is ideal and uncomplicated to setup and maintain yet has all the same operating features of the highly scaleable Enterprise edition.

Ease of use short timescales to user competence
User Configurable settings are simple to alter and manage
Invoice & Credit Data can be exported into Sage Line 50 and Customer & Supplier details can be imported from Sage Line 50
Flexible Barcode Generation & Printing can use dedicated barcode label printers or generic printers with Avery sheet labels
User Access Management users only access sections pertinent to job department
Connect over Local Area Network or Internet using secure ODBC.

OS : Windows XP/2000/2003//98/ ME

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Office Manager

30-day Money-back Guarantee!


This office management software is designed for use at the front desk in small business and home offices.  

It features 3 modules: 

1) a versatile appointments system that services up to 20 consultants per book and allows printouts of daily appointment lists for individual consultants;  

2) a compact client details database; and  

3) a simplified billing system that will satisfy the needs of most small businesses. 

OS : Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/2003//XP

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Report Maker

Not for Excel but allows to convert to xls


Report Maker is the best report tool in the world. Report Maker helps you to create Standard and professional reports from your favorite database. Report Maker release you from inputting the lots of records. It support all standard personal and client-server. It enhance your efficiency, you complete a day work in five minutes, data Analysis get your need data.

OS : Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP

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Real Estate Investment Analysis and Development Software suite


The suite includes 3 products for financially analyzing income property, and 2 products for all types of real estate, including amortization (loan) and appreciation software. It has investing applications for income property, commercial real estate, real estate development, and residential (amortization and appreciation) applications.

OS : Windows XP/Me/98/NT/2000/2003 & Excel 2000 or above

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Calc Audit 2.0


Increasingly stringent laws on financial reports require that you not only proof your numbers are accurate, but also demonstrate how you got them. Calc Audit combines numerical drill down with formula tracing to fortify your Excel applications with both robustness and transparency. It decomposes long formula and reveals all intermediate calculation results in one intuitive view. Color coding accentuate each cell types, including IF condition result and branch selection, making debugging a pleasure. Arrowed links graphically illustrate the interdependencies among cells even across worksheets and workbooks, as well as point out questionable references.

Calc Audit let the user focus on a chosen path of derivation and observe the propagation of changes downstream when an input value changes. Cell elements are labeled by row and column headers to indicate their business context. Both numerical analsis and formula traces can be saved and printed for future use.

OS: Windows XP/2000/2003/Me/NT/Me/98/95


iCash is a software intended to control your personal finance, keeping track of incomes, expenses, credits, debts and Banks transactions for you. As simple as creating the accounts you need and move money between them! You don't even need to know about accounting or even care about it! Your finances depend largely on good organization that lets you know where your money comes from and to where it goes.

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Loan Calc

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Loan Calc is intended to calculate Loans payments in a very simple way. Also it generates a full payments list from a start date and calculates total interest. Loan Calc is currency-independent so it can be used with Dollars, Francs, Marks, Pounds,...or whatever you like. Just use a dot for decimals.

Furthermore Loan Calc allows you to save all the payments list to a text file or an Excel sheet.

Financial Analysis


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Financial Analysis Software answers every day financial questions regarding Retirement Analysis; Annuities; Loans/Amortizations; Retirement Planning; Interest Compounding; Sufficient Fund Analysis; Payoff Comparison and more....

Options Czar

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Options Czar is a tool that allows the user to download market data for specific stocks and calculate strategies for investments in Equity Options at market prices. The program features advanced tools that analyze market trends along with a Strategy Maker feature that calculates the best strategy as a function of the user's stock predictions.

Magic Charts (PC)

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Tool to easily follow the stock market using Point and Figure charts.

Get a set of updated charts everyday in your mailbox (or if you prefer
download the charts files from our website)

We have charts of the following markets:
US mutual funds, ETF's and iShares
United Kingdom

Select stocks in minutes with our 'Buy the Winner' view!
Comes with build in portfolio (3x)

We send an updated version of our sample portfolio everyday, so it
is easy to see how we get such good results on our portfolio, we did
+102% in 2001!

We are reguarly adding new charts to the Magic Charts where we make a selection from the best looking charts in the market!

Flip PDF Professional

Flip PDF Professional is page-flipping builder software to help you convert ordinary inactive PDF files into wonderful eBooks!

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