1. What do I need the hierarchical control for ?

    For example, you probably need to account accounts and subaccounts. In this case you have to enter values of accounts and subaccounts into a list. Every account can have several subaccounts. If you will enter subaccount for certain account that has no this subaccount, Extended Accounting will post a message about it. The wrong value will be corrected during the input. Analogously you can account enterprise subdivisions goods and personnel, systems devices, devices details and so on.

2. Excel has the Pivot Table Wizard, what do I need the additional Pivot Table Wizard  for ?           

    You probably need to define the calculated objects to calculate, for example, outgoing balance using the following formula:

Outgoing Balance= Incoming Balance + Debit - Credit 


Outgoing Balance= Incoming Balance + Credit - Debit

        Extended Accounting simplifies creation of like formulas  allowing simply to click button to add increase or decrease operation.