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Noah Workcenter Scheduling

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Noah is a high performance planning and scheduling offering for Job Shops, Fabricators, Service/Repair Shops, and others where customer service and shipping on time is vital. Noah will enhance the effectiveness, efficiency and consistency of your Workcenter based planning and scheduling, including cycle time reduction. Noah features an easy-to-use method to enter resource definitions, then to build/define jobs that follow a linear sequence of operations. Next, Noah allows you to perform 'what-ifs' with different plans -- resulting in feasible and effective schedules. Gantt Charting and More.

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Spreadsheet Scheduler

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Low cost and easy-to-use spreadsheet templates for Project Management, Scheduling Customer Jobs and Employees, Generating Calendars and Gantt Charts.

The Spreadsheet Scheduler is a toolkit containing 14 ready-to-use, practical models for a variety of common scheduling problems. The models are spreadsheet templates that work with all popular spreadsheets. The 14 spreadsheet-based programs provide an easy-to-use set of tools to help any organization manage projects more efficiently, improve customer deliveries, and minimize work-in-process times.

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Resource Manager for Excel

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Resource Manager will help you plan and schedule your key resources (workcenters, material, labor) quickly, easily, and affordably. Use just a piece to fill in the gaps of your current system, or use all of it -- Resource Manager for Excel delivers the benefits of manufacturing software without the pain. Gantt Charting and More. Guaranteed.

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Excel Scheduler   $39.00

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Project Management, Gantt Charting, and Employee Scheduling. Gantt Charting and More.

For all versions of Microsoft Excel.

To run Excel Scheduler, simply run Excel and read in template(s) of choice.

Project Management:




Gantt Charting




Employee Scheduling


Operations Manager  

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Operations Manager contains 35 templates for manufacturing and operations decision support. All templates have a simple, consistent interface and include an actual application. Runs with Excel, Lotus & Quattro Pro. Benefits include: adjust for seasonality and predict trends, optimize economic order quantity, determine best inventory (includes reorder points & safety stocks) and workforce levels, improve production throughput and enhance customer service. Gantt Charting and More.

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