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Millennium All Programs Gold Edition 


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All Programs supplies: 
Investment-Calc PRO for NPV & IRR calculations.
Cash Flow templates
10 Year financial plan templates (balance sheets, income, cash flows and ratios_ Financial ratios for 2 and 5 periods.
Budget Templates
Costing templates
Valuation templates
Buy To Rent NPV & IRR templates
Asset Register PRO templates

and more...

OS : Windows 98 or later or Mac OS ( 3 programs require Windows) and Excel 97 or above

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Lease/Loan Organizer for Excel

The Lease Register reports the repayment status, interest expense and remaining balances for up to 3,000 capital leases at any selected month end. Lease terms can include pre-payments and final balloon payments. Users can create up to 100 individual Master Lease ID categories with 3,000 sub-components or classify leases by Class or locations. Lease interest, outstanding balances and current month principal repayment are totalled for each single Master Lease ID.

Users can simulate the results which will arise from changing any combination of repayment amount, interest rate or final balloon payment terms for any lease. Calculate the new final repayment month and the difference in interest expenses between the current repayment terms and adjusted terms for cost saving projections.

Build an Automated Stock Trading System in Excel

Model: ADX, moving average crossovers, stochastics, Bollinger bands, and DMI


Spreadsheets: constructing securities trading, technical analysis, or statistical models in Excel.

Job Timer 4

Just a small Time Keeper to keep track of time spent on a job. It also figures out the cost and has a built in Invoice. Stores Customer Information.

Job Timer 3

This is a Project or Job Timer that will keep track of your time and invoices.

CheckMyBank 2008

CheckMy Bank 2008 for Excel provides a quick way to check and verify compound interest calculations for overdraft bank accounts over 12 consecutive monthly periods.

Five Excel Add-Ins For Business Success Plus Instructional Workbooks

New Excel add-ins provide ready made solution models for forecasting, business economics, portfolio optimization, business resource optimization and material planning that you can use as Five Keys to Success in business and investing.

Operations Management Excel Add-ins

New Excel add-ins provide ready made solution models for forecasting, business economics, portfolio optimization, business resource optimization and material planning that you can use as in business and investing. Powerful new tools for operations management.

Report Maker

Not for Excel but allows to convert to xls


Report Maker is the best report tool in the world. Report Maker helps you to create Standard and professional reports from your favorite database. Report Maker release you from inputting the lots of records. It support all standard personal and client-server. It enhance your efficiency, you complete a day work in five minutes, data Analysis get your need data.

OS : Windows 98 or later.

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Microsoft SQL/Analysis Services - o2olap for Excel


Free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Microsoft Analysis Services (OLAP) and SQL Server are outstanding products but lack some key capabilities for finance and analyst users such as spreadsheet modelling, freeform reports and writeback. O2OLAP for Excel overcomes these limitations, allowing users to take advantage of the inherent architectural and commodity cost benefits of Microsoft technologies. New market leading functionality enables users to create executive information systems (EIS) without having to write or support a macro.

Microsoft Office 2000 or later.

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Millennium Asset Register PRO  

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Asset Register PRO for Excel supplies nine asset registers plus YTD depreciation reports for fixed, intangible and investment assets, updating and reporting depreciation calculations and book values at each month end. Each asset entered into the register can contain the asset sequence number, date of purchase, description of asset, serial number, supplier's name, purchase order number, G/L reference code, accounting cost, useful life (depreciation period), physical location, plus if/when disposed/sold and gain/loss calculations and impairment ledgers for investments, intangibles and goodwill. Asset Register PRO can be used by the smallest to the largest enterprise to keep track of their assets and monthly depreciation calculations. Asset Register PRO applies the straight-line depreciation method, and the declining balance method adjusted annually and monthly. Depreciation tables supply monthly depreciation and cumulative depreciation from the acquired date to any period up to 240 months.

Quick and easy entry of assets into the registers using Excel's Data (Entry) > Form with the Name box.

Asset Register PRO provides continuous month end sequencing so that the asset class registers update each asset depreciation and book value every month automatically and combines all month end values into a Year To Date and Totals report. Different depreciation periods can be applied to individual assets and within each class of assets.

Asset Register PRO calculates book values at disposal dates and gain/losses on disposal.

All month end depreciation calculations and book balances can be recalculated backwards and forwards to any month end date by making a simple one step adjustment to the month end date held in the adate field. You can recalculate and forecast depreciation totals and written down balances for any month end past or future. Such calculations can be very useful for preparing financial business forecasts and for checking depreciation calculations.

Provides asset confirmation fields for audit purposes.

Buy individually or as part of the Analysis Collection for Microsoft Excel and save!  

Marketing Manager For Excel - Full Edition  


Education Rates: for professors - $602.94, for students - $331.96

Now in five languages, English, German, Italian, French, and Spanish, Marketing Manager for Excel, MM4XL, is an Excel add-in program designed by marketing experts, statisticians, and mathematicians that fosters strategic thinking in business decision-makers. The new release 5.0 introduces Decision Tree and four new analytical tools. Some tools available in MM4XL include Forecast Manager, CrossTab, Sample Manager, Proportion Analyst, Descriptive Statistics, Cluster Analysis, Semantic Differential Chart, Four-Dimensional Chart, Brand Mapping, Brand Switch Analysis, Positioning Maps, and Product Portfolio Analysis (both BCG Share Growth Matrix and McKinsey/GE Business Assessment Array). Moreover, two kinds of quadrant analysis (bubble maps with lables), extremely helpful in marketing, are also built in to the software

Language : English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, English, German, Italian, French, and Spanish

Platform : Windows Windows 98 or later

FastStart Necessary Forms Pack

$ 29.95  Buy Online

Free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

The FastStart Necessary Forms Pack contains fourteen Excel spreadsheet templates and forms for your business - Purchase Order, Purchase Order Log, Invoice, Service Invoice, Invoice Log, Shipping Order, Bill of Lading, Expense Statement, Cash Receipt, Inventory Log, Petty Cash Register, Fax Cover Sheet, G & A Expense Budget, and Expense Budge - The Petty Cash Register helps you track your petty cash traffic. The Invoice and Service Invoice help you track and bill for your services. Get a grip on all your receivables with the Invoice Log. The Purchase Order helps you keep track of your purchases. Keep a handle on all your purchases with the Purchase Order Log. Track your inventory with the Inventory Log. Make your fax interaction with you customers and clients clean and consistent with our professionally designed Fax Transmission Sheet. The Shipping Order and Bill of Lading help you track all your shipments -- whether they're computer programs or steel desks. The Cash Receipt helps you track all of your cash receipts.

Excel 97 or above

Office Manager

30-day Money-back Guarantee!


This office management software is designed for use at the front desk in small business and home offices.  

It features 3 modules: 

1) a versatile appointments system that services up to 20 consultants per book and allows printouts of daily appointment lists for individual consultants;  

2) a compact client details database; and  

3) a simplified billing system that will satisfy the needs of most small businesses. 

OS : Windows 98 or later

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Practice Manager

30-day Money-back Guarantee!


This software is a practice management system designed for use at the front desk in professional practices. Features a versatile appointments scheduler that allows printouts of daily and weekly appointment lists for individual practitioners; a compact client/patient details database; and a simplified billing system that will satisfy the needs of most professional practices. Suits solo as well as group practices of up to 20 members. Particularly suits health care professionals (medical, paramedical and dental practices).

3 modules:
(1) an appointment scheduler;
(2) a compact client/patient details database; and
(3) a simplified billing system that will satisfy the needs of most professional practices.

Can service up to 20 consultants. Suits both solo and group practices of up to 20 members. The latest version features color options and recurrent booking facility.

Particularly suits healthcare professionals (Doctors, Dentists, Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Nutritionists, Audiologists, Podiatrists, Nurse Practitioners, Occupational Therapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, etc).

 Systems requirements 

Pentium 100 or later

Windows 98 or later

Display: 800x600 small fonts or higher (set this resolution via Control Panel/ Display/Settings/Advanced applet) 

Busy practices with large client/patient base may require zipdrive, tape or CD-RW for future backup of files.

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FastStart Office Pack: For MS Office   $29.95 

These basic spreadsheet forms make any business or home office run more smoothly! The FastStart Office Pack targets the most common office tasks. The Client Conversation Log lets you track your time spent with clients. The Mail Log helps you keep track of mail sent and received at your office -- it's a mini-mail room even for the smallest business! The Office Supply Request Sheet and the Office Inventory Log help you track all your business' expendable assets. The Accounts Payable Log will help you and your bookkeeper monitor the accounts payable you commit to through purchase orders, and the Accounts Receivable Log helps you track your invoiced receivables. The Change Request helps you track and submit process changes or error reports. Give you customers and clients a professional estimate with the Sales Quote. The Timecard helps you track your tasks and billable time. And the Shipping/Receiving Log helps you track parcels entering and leaving your office. The FastStart Office Pack also includes a set of handy employee forms. The Employee Information Form helps you track and record all the vital information on your company's workers. The I-9 Form, important to fill out in today's increasingly international environment, records the citizenship status of new employees. The Weekly Employee Scheduling Form and Employee Vacation Schedule help you figure out work schedules and keep your office covered.

Excel 97 or above

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Net Worth Builder FastAnswer: For MS Office  $69.95   

Free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Bring all your money facts together, so that when you go for a loan or talk to your financial planner or broker, you'll have all your financial information at your fingertips! Net Worth Builder removes the tedium from keeping and organizing your vital financial information. It lets you see your financial strengths and weaknesses quickly, by helping you build 15 personal reports that all roll into one personal net worth statement. And because the analysis is all done inside your spreadsheet, you can access the data easily and provide it to financial advisors in their preferred data format. Net Worth Builder covers all portions of your net worth - Cash, Notes, Securities, Real Estate, Loans, Taxes, Debts, Accounts Payable, Mortgages, and more. It prompts you through these different areas of your net worth, assisting you in the process of pulling your facts together. View your data in well-organized tables or polished graphics. Plus, Net Worth Builder produces the clean, crisp presentation-quality reports that banks prefer. Whether you use Net Worth Builder to help on tax preparation, secure business financing, or just to track your worth--we're sure it will help you make the best of your fiscal efforts.

Excel 97 or above

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TradeMax Trade Manage

$99.95   Buy Online

TradeMax Trade Manager is an Excel spreadsheet that tracks open and historical long and short stock trading positions.

Key Features of this Excel trade data analysis and management template include:

  • Calculation of profit and loss on trades.
  • Calculation of commissions and stop limits based on user inputs.
  • Allows open positions to be automatically updated in real-time with dynamic data feed (requires eSignal subscription).
    (eSignal is a service offering world financial market information and decision support tools delivered to active traders and professionals, directly to a PC or laptop.)

Platform : Windows 98 or later

Calc Audit 2.0


Increasingly stringent laws on financial reports require that you not only proof your numbers are accurate, but also demonstrate how you got them. Calc Audit combines numerical drill down with formula tracing to fortify your Excel applications with both robustness and transparency. It decomposes long formula and reveals all intermediate calculation results in one intuitive view. Color coding accentuate each cell types, including IF condition result and branch selection, making debugging a pleasure. Arrowed links graphically illustrate the interdependencies among cells even across worksheets and workbooks, as well as point out questionable references.

Calc Audit let the user focus on a chosen path of derivation and observe the propagation of changes downstream when an input value changes. Cell elements are labeled by row and column headers to indicate their business context. Both numerical analsis and formula traces can be saved and printed for future use.

OS: Windows 98 or later

Billing Model Excel  (for Excel 2000 or later)

This model was originally designed to test changes in billing structures for a Medical Practice (Public versus Private Billing), however it is equally suited to any professional practice and can be used to test the impact of fee changes. When billing structures are altered they impact on client numbers and in turn revenue and profit. The Billing Model allows you to forecast what this impact will be.

More Info   $29.00

FastCast for Ventures: For MS Office


Create the most complete and accurate financial projections using the techniques that experts use! Fast-Cast helps save you time, effort and money by preparing full financial plans in a fraction of the time it used to take.

Platform : Excel 97 or later

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Equity Valuation Spreadsheet for Excel


This MS Excel equity valuation model accepts user input from the income statement and balance sheet portions of a firm's 10-K report and the practitioner's views on the direction of the stock market in order to calculate a per share equity value. Discounted cash flow analysis is bolstered by a comprehensive analysis of performance ratios that are calculated based on the user's inputs to the model.

Loan Assistant for Microsoft Excel  $49.95

Free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Loan Assistant provides you with detailed information on any loan. It creates detailed amortization tables and graphs of the loan payments. The Loan Assistant can handle a wide variety of loans, from weekly payments to annual payments and loans with balloon payments. You can also easily see the savings from advance payments on your loan.

Excel Excel 97 or above

OS: Windows 98 or later

FastStart Personal Success Pack: For MS Office  $29.95

The Personal Success Pack includes thirteen spreadsheet solutions that help you become better organized. Get to know the numbers that effect your life and exercise tighter control over your personal finances.

Platform : Excel 97 or above

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FastStart Personal Success Pack II: For MS Office $29.95

The Personal Success Pack II includes nine spreadsheet solutions that help you become better organized.  Get to know the numbers that effect your life and exercise tighter control over your personal finances. 

Platform : Excel 97 or above

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