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Building an Automated Excel Spread Trading System


This online course shows you step-by-step how to build and utilize an automated spread trading model using Microsoft Excel. The System captures the price difference between security pairs of any type -- indexes, stocks, futures, options, LEAPs, etc. Spread returns are typically non-correlated with other investment and trading strategies, making the model an excellent addition to an overall asset management strategy. The System uses three proven technical indicators--exponential moving averages, Percentage Price Oscillator (PPO), and Donchian Channels, to filter and capture situations where spread movement (and hence risk-adjusted profits) are likely to be greatest. Also presented are three real-world spread strategies, including Swiss Franc - Japanese Yen futures spreads, Nasdaq Composite - S&P 500 E-Mini spreads, and 10-Year vs. 5-Year U.S. Treasury Note spreads.

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Ten3 Business e-Coach (Teaching version) + 2 e-books

Today, companies require coaching and learning support to be provided to all their key employees in a continuous and timely way in order to build sustainable competitive advantage for the new knowledge-driven economy and compete successfully in the rapidly changing marketplace. Responding to these needs, we launched the first-ever Business e-Coach in 2001. We update it every day and release a new version every six months.

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Cultural Intelligence & Modern Management E-book

Knowing Yourself and Others

          Concepts Related to Cultural Intelligence

          Six Fundamental Patterns of Cultural Differences

          Beliefs, Values, and Character: East vs. West

          Living Sustainability: East vs. West

          Effective Communication: Understanding Other People's Perceptions

          Same Gestures, Different Meanings

          The Tao of Cultural Intelligence

          Ten Steps Towards a Cultural Diversity Strategy


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Venture Financing E-Book

Table of Content

1. Understanding the Venture Financing Process

1.1   Venture Capital Market: the Ocean of Opportunity

1.2   Venture Financing Chain

        1.2.1   Case in Point: A Financial Chronology of Amazon.com

1.3   What is Venture Capital?

        1.3.1   VC Basics

        1.3.2   Stages of Venture Capital Funding

        1.3.3   Realization of Financial Returns for VC Investor and Exit Strategies

        1.3.4   Language of the Venture Capital

        1.3.5   Private Placements


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Building an Automated Sector Fund System in Excel


This online course walks you step-by-step through building a long term sector fund rotation model using Microsoft Excel. Microsoft's Visual Basic (VBA) language is used in conjunction with Excel's user interface, formulas, and calculation capabilities to deliver a powerful and flexible investment tool. The System is based on the classic market economist's Sector Rotation Model, providing several crucial improvements that eliminate the guesswork in timing fund switches. Over long periods, THE SYSTEM CAN OUTPERFORM DIVERSIFIED BUY AND HOLD MUTUAL FUND INVESTING BY A FACTOR OF 2-4 TIMES. The automated model incorporates three proven technical indicators--long term relative strength, moving average crossovers, and moving average slope, to identify the sector funds most likely to provide long term profits. The system can be used with any mutual fund, index fund, SPDR, ETF, future, or other index security to allocate capital to the most profitable sectors of the market. It operates with weekly .csv data files available for FREE over the Internet from Yahoo Finance, or an automated DDE data link if desired. Simply run the system on a weekly basis and make your investment decisions. A complete PDF Guide is provided along with a step-by-step Online Course so you can choose how to learn in the most comfortable way. Also included is a pre-built Excel backtest model that allows you to test up to 10 different funds versus buy and hold over a 10 year period.What You Get: A TREMENDOUS 3-IN-1 VALUE!

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Set of Productivity Tools (Nth Degree Software, Inc.) $125.00
Set of all 9 Thinking Productivity Tools eBooks. Note: Download is a ZIP file.

Microsoft Word 2000/2002/2003

Complete Set of Strategies & Tools (Nth Degree Software, Inc.) $245.00
Complete set of all 16 eBooks (7 Strategies and 9 Tools). Note: Download is a ZIP file.

Microsoft Word 2000/2002/2003

Book Organizer Deluxe

Free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Book Organizer Deluxe is a Windows software that allows book collectors, hobbyists, book clubs, small private or public libraries to organize, catalog, and manage book collections on their PCs. Organizer is intuitive and easy to use for the beginner, at the same moment feature-rich and powerful enough to satisfy the most advanced users.

OS: Windows 95/98/Me/XP/2000/2003/NT

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