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Milennium All Programs Gold Edition

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All Programs supplies: 

Investment-Calc PRO for NPV & IRR calculations.
Cash Flow templates
10 Year financial plan templates (balance sheets, income, cash flows and ratios_ Financial ratios for 2 and 5 periods.
Loans Amortization Manager
CheckMy Loans 2000
Budget Templates
Costing templates
Valuation templates
Buy To Rent NPV & IRR templates
Asset Register PRO templates

and more...

OS : Windows XP/Me/98/95/NT/2000/2003 or Mac OS ( 3 programs require Windows) and Excel 97 or above

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Millennium Bank Presentation Solution/FastPlan 7.0  

Free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


FastPlan Version 7.0 for Excel.

Monthly budgeting - balance sheets - income statement forecasts - cash flows - bank covenant ratio calculations.

"I have a small start-up technology related business ($500K--$2MM in
revenues), and just got yelled at by my banker for our lousy looking 3-yr
income statement forecast, with non-matching balance sheet and no cash
flow statement! Which of your products should I purchase? Is this right for me? Regards John.

YES! Our new version of FastPlan provides month by month budget spreadsheets that will produce your income statement forecasts, balance sheet forecasts, cash flows, bank covenant balances and the key financial ratios. Specially tailored Excel spreadsheets provide quick neat presentations for your bank or lender. Al figures match and balance automatically.

No previous accounting knowledge required.

FastPlan 7.0 provides:

Monthly p/l budgets - 3 years

Share issue 3 year plan

Fixed asset capital 3 year plan

Generates monthly income statement forecasts - 3 years

Generates monthly balance sheet forecasts - 3 years

Generates monthly cash flow forecasts - 3 years

Generates monthly bank/loan covenant balance forecasts - 3 years

Generates monthly financial and financial ratios - 3 years

Generates bank covenant monthly forecasts

A demo program that shows you how to prepare your plan.

Easy Checkbook for Microsoft Excel

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Easy Checkbook is the easiest way to keep track of your checks and deposits and it lets you use the power of Excel to make this job even easier.. And it takes the pain out of balancing your checkbook. You can sort your checks by amount, who you wrote them to, the day paid by your bank, and many more ways. It also will flag any check that is a tax deductible item for you.

Buttons on the Easy Checkbook toolbar allow you to move your entries up or down to match the exact order of your bank statement or your statement when viewed on the internet.

When you are balancing your bank statement, Easy Checkbook not only checks if you have entered a check based on the check number, it also verifies the check amount! Other checkbook programs such as Quicken only verify the check number, leaving you open to an incorrect entry and hours of work finding which check is incorrect. Use Easy Checkbook to avoid this problem and save time!

Easy Checkbook also allows you to put in future entries! Now, you can automatically put in monthly or weekly entries for expected bills and deposits so that you can see what your cash flow will be by month for the rest of the year!

Easy Checkbook also lets you record the purpose of a check so that you can see by category where you have spent your money. And there are many more features!

Excel 97/2000/XP

OS: Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP