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Custom die cutting of labels for special shapes


With special shapes dies can cost a lot of money for a special design. Today's technology brings a new ability to digitally die cut all kinds of shapes without the cost of buying a die. Crisp, clean edges can be obtained and some new radical label designs can be explored. 


Flexo printing of labels is fast and economical


Flexographic printing had been around for a long time. The name comes from the fact that the press uses flexible plates to make each color. This process lowers the cost of making high quality spot and process color labels. These presses are able to convert labels at very high speeds while maintaining quality and consistency.





When durability and resistance to the outdoors is critical, rely on only the best materials to withstand oils, rain, UV Sunlight, and anything else you can throw at it. Inks and over laminates are key elements to match up to the polyester or vinyl materials used.



Keep your agriculture business running smooth utilizing feed and seed bag tags, labeling, and branding solutions for your plants. Duplicator inks and masters and many custom tag colors and sizes are available to make Adazon your one stop shop.



This type of label is very durable and has a laminate that is only partially applied. These can be either preprinted or written on and then the laminate will protect the writing, protecting the label surface in harsh environments. When used as a paint mask, it can later be removed after painting to reveil a clean, unpainted label. Please specify the application for proper matching of materials.



This is an eye catching solution for marketing any shape or size container with a seamless fit. Shrink sleeves are durable and cost effective. This is the growing trend by because it provides a full body design with 360 degrees of exposure utilizing vibrant colors and maximum shelf appeal.


Many producers of snacks, health foods, and sweets are moving to flexible packaging options. These options include full color stand up pouches, bags with side gussets or hard bottoms, and in roll formate to be converted on site. With up to 10 colors of printing and the use of patterned matte varnish, these can be finished with a choise of zippers, hang holes, spouts, or any other creative method. Let us help with the ideas.



UL is for Underwriters Laboratories. This is a testing facility and certification for all electrical products. Labels must be tested and matched to specific products too and this is where we come in. We have already approved materials for all specific surfaces and applications along with the proper documentation to keep your facility compliant. 


Protect your product with these security label materials that break apart or leave a large "VOID" message behind when they have been removed. These can be produced on either a sliver void material or a white distructable vinyl stock. These have been proven to be very valuable in helping with theaft prevention.



Danger! Warning! This product may be hazardous. It is critical your warnings are visible and durable. The Department of Transportation has requirements, OSHA has requirements, and the Global Harmonized System (GHS) has requirements and standards. Let us help you keep in compliance.


Variable printing can be in refference to anything that changes on a label from each label to the next. This can refer to text, the image, barcodes, numbering, colors or any of these. By using digital printing technology, each label can be customized instead of the old process where there were minimums on each version. With this process we can create 1,000 one of a kind labels, each with a unique message, number sequence or promotional code.



When you need a label that will come off of the product without leaving any residue, utilize this material. This will work on glass, windows, and any product where a consumer coupon can be used. With the ability to print on the reverse side of this labels, coupons and window applications are perfect. Easy to peel off and easy to read both sides allow for many creative uses.


Comon on artisan and fine crafted products the combination of foil stamping and embossing provides the WOW in your label. Foil stamping is the process of imprinting using foil, a die and pressure. The result is a metallic colored impression. Embossing involves pressing an image into paper so it is raised above the paper service. This raised surface adds prestige into the design. Both can be combined to provide a great look.



When you have so much content it will not fit on the face of the label, booklet labels or extended content labels come in handy. They fold up like a booklet. There is usually an adhesive edge to fold it back up and seal it. Some products require instructions, or legal language that must accompany the product. Ask for samples of this product to get ideas that can help with your design and capture all of the content required, while maintaining a clean marketing look to your product.


This process provides maximum durability and usally requires the longest lead time. Labels are made in small batches and utilize special inks and drying processes to make images that will stand up to extreem UV exposure and weather. These labels are usually finished in stacks to be applied to the final product.



Blank tags, 4 color process tags, promotional cards, any printed or blank tag that does not have adhesive. These can be made on rolls with perforations between the tags, or they can be supplied in stacks already cut and ready to use as shelf advertisement, or display cards promoting products in retail stores. 

Our custom capabilities in label manufacturing cover a wide range of areas. First we will look at the types of equipment that allow us to run both short run label jobs and very large run label jobs at peak efficiency. Then we can look at custom materials used for special applications.Short run labels can be jobs with just a few of the same label or small quantities with many versions. Both of these types of jobs lend themselves to running on our digital press equipment. With digital printing, there are no plates involved in the process so that cost is eliminated right away. The versions are made in a program like Adobe Illustrator or some other type of vector art software and sent to the printer with the quantity to print. The second version can be right behind it and sent at the same time making the entire job run with only one setup. Digital die cutting is also great for short run label printing and can be done in line with the digital printing press. This eliminates the need for costly dies to cut the shape of the label. This is a process of creating another layer in Adobe Illustrator for the die lines. As the print job is sent to the printer, the die lines are sent to the cutter. The printer prints, the digital die cutter cuts and in one pass, the labels are finished in any shape, any colors, and finished on rolls ready to ship. The cost savings are tremendous on short to medium run custom labels.Flexo printing is still the gold standard in medium to long run label jobs. These presses require plates for each color, and dies for each shape. The setup is a little more extensive but once the press is running, the label costs drop significantly the longer the same job runs. For very large jobs, the labels can be run with multiple up on a roll and then finished down on single rolls off press. The types of label and tag material that can run on these presses run across the board. Standard paper labels can be run in a direct thermal, laser label, inkjet label, thermal transfer label, magnetic, and EDP stocks. Finished can be matte, semi-gloss, gloss, high gloss, and floodcoated in fluorescents or any other color.Adhesives can be from static cling, ultra removable, removable, standard permanent, aggressive, and tire adhesives just to name a few. We even have a ceramic label material where when heated, the adhesive dissipates and the ceramic will become imbedded in the steel roll it is placed on in a furnace.4 color process labels have vibrant colors and are key to so many customers marketing their products. Our processes allow us to protect the image with a UV varnish or laminate. Coupon labels that are folded and contain instructions under the label are also a common product for us. All of these custom label and tag solutions can be performed and shipped direct from the plant floor to your door saving storage costs and 3rd party handling costs that many other providers hide in their pricing. We do offer blanket order pricing and other flexible options, so please contact us with any custom label requirement.

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