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Trader Apps

Sign up and receive financial apps developed in the City of London by traders and investment wizards.

High intelligences - clever brains - PhDs, MIT Sloans - business school grads - trader wizards designed and developed apps you will receive.

Our fundamental belief is that:

Markets are rigged by the central banks money printing and negative real interest rates - therefore (as the IMF has already predicted will happen) stock prices, commodities and market indexes will swing violently over relatively short time periods as reality bites fiat money.

The volatily of markets will continue to rise.

We have developed apps using trading swing data to make short and long predictions, enabling the wider world to know and use what insiders already know and are trading.

The download provides your first PDF introduction to Shorts and Longs - extreme prices at both ends of current volatility.

When we see your purchase notification we will extract your email address (with your permission) and email you the first App with instructions. Please wait to receive these instructions.

The app can be installed on your iPhone or iPad without going through iTunes, and on any Nexus smart phone without going through Google Play. The app supplies you with extreme price spectrums updated weekly.

We look forward to welcoming you as a subscriber.

Best Collection of Statistical and Financial Templates

Statistical and Financial Templates - NPV, IRR, and much more

Microsoft templates (56 Financial Templates & 81 Statistical Templates. For example, you can use this collection to calculate amortization schedule of your loan or business effectiveness of your 5-year business plan including EBIT and NPV. You simply enter your source data and financial calculations are ready! Contains also inventory manager for your business and much more. Also, please see Excel Financial Collection - best solution - and New! FinExcelSoft FinStat.

Best Produaction Planning, Quality Control, MRP, Forecasting, Inventory Management Excel Templates

Production Excel Templates ( waiting lines and much more).

Project Management, Gantt Charts, MRP, BOMs, Inventory, Purchasing, Forecasting, and much more.

Best Scorecards for Excel

Resource Management, Portfolio Management, Innovations, Investment, Balance, Brand, Measure

How to find invest program, managing

Resource management, training, customer relationship management, portfolio management, balanced scorecards, investing in brand, help desk, customer relationship management, portfolio management.

Best Computer Optimization Tool

Registry Victor


Registry Victor is a top-ranking error-resolution technology which will fix the computer errors and optimize the system speed.

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Popular Software


Millennium Spreadsheets & Templates

Great collection of financial templates, spreadsheets

Millennium All Programs Gold Edition Collection for Excel


More than 40 Business support Spreadsheets & Templates: cashflow budgeting, inventory manager, instant balance sheets, NPV&IRR, costing templates, and much more.

Just $169.95 for all spreadsheets of this collection!

NPV & IRR Excel Template

NPV & IRR calculation. Ready to use Excel template. Easy work!

Automate Faster Your Office with VBA Code


for Excel, Access, Word

Platform : Microsoft Office 97 or later

Barcode Software

Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, and more

Platform : Windows 95 or later

More Featured Software

Exl-Plan Pro

Exl-Plan is a range of powerful, easy-to-use template packages for preparing comprehensive financial projections for a business plan, budgets etc. for six-months and one, three, five or even seven years ahead. You can also use it as a tool for strategic and corporate planning, raising finance, business restructuring and financial appraisals within almost any size and type of business.

Excel with Yahoo! Finance - Building a Cash Flow Valuation Model

This detailed course shows you how build a Cash Flow Valuation Model using Excel and Yahoo!

SpreadsheetConverter to HTML/JavaScript Std Ed v4

Converts the spreadsheet into an HTML-page with embedded JavaScript. The web page looks like the spreadsheet and calculates like the original spreadsheet.

Categorizing Data

If your problem consists in categorizing or stratifying specific data of your spreadsheet information, then Categorizing Data is the solution.

BillingTracker Pro

BillingTracker Pro is time billing and invoicing software for service industry professionals...

Cad Standards for AEC - S-MAN Mechanical US-Imp

Download Product: S-MAN Cad Standards for AEC Objects
Industry Version: AEC-Mechanical Works documented in US-Imp units

File Formats: Autocad dwg, dws, dwt, ctb, stb, Ascii Text, Adobe pdf

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